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Meet Alan & Shiela Bernardo

If you're like most people we know and work with, then…

You're a walking example of someone who perseveres, despite what life throws at you. However, there is one critical area of your life that remains untouched. It's your dysfunctional relationship with money. The one that's causing you to live paycheck to paycheck, rack up massive credit card debt, and move farther and farther away from your goals.


But, the truth is you were put here to do more than just struggle. You were meant to thrive in all areas of your life, including your:

ο  Important relationships

ο  Physical, mental, and spiritual health

ο  Interests, Hobbies, and passions

ο  Career and Vocation


Money impacts each of these areas of your life. When your financial house is in order, other areas of your life will follow suit. Developing a healthy relationship with money can bring balance amidst chaos, improve the lives of those around you, and give you the freedom to live a purpose-filled life.

But something is keeping you from taking action

You want to improve your financial situation, but you don't know how to do it. No one ever taught you how to do this growing up, and you didn't learn it in school. All you did learn was what not to do. And yes, there's tons of information floating around the internet, but whose advice are you supposed to trust?


You know you should do something… however, you don't know where to start. And all too often, the impact of not doing anything, causes other critical areas of your life to suffer. It's clear to you that if nothing changes things will only get worse.

You're not alone.  We've been there too...

We know what it feels like to be controlled by your finances - to watch your goals disappear right before your eyes because of poor money spending habits. For years, we were like most Americans living paycheck to paycheck. We were living off credit cards, trying to maintain the comfortable lifestyle we had before the financial crisis of 2008.


Then suddenly, almost overnight, the bank reduced our credit lines, shot our interest rates through the roof, and increased our minimum payments to where we couldn't afford to pay them.


We had accumulated over $150,000 in consumer debt, and we didn't know how to change our money spending habits. All of this had a profound impact on our marriage, relationships with others, and our physical and spiritual well being. It was at that point; we realized we needed to do something. We knew we had to dig ourselves out, but we didn't know where to start.

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At ASBernardo Financial Coaching

We Believe...

  • Your finances shouldn't keep you from living the life you were called to live.


  • No one's financial situation is beyond repair; people deserve a chance to press the reset button on their financial past so that they can build a better future.


  • You don't need to make a lot of money to build wealth; you need to make wise decisions with what you have.


  • Trying to live like everyone else will not only leave you broke and unfulfilled.


  • It's possible and beneficial to live debt-free.


  • Achieving financial freedom is not about what you can get, it's really about being able to bless others and future generations with what you have.


  • God is the provider of all things. He provides for us financially and has given us a plan to help us manage these resources properly.

It started with Giving

We realize this might sound crazy, but when we were at our lowest, the first thing we did was give. We gave of our time in service to our youth group ministry, and we gave financially to our church. When everything seemed out of control, we desired to direct our actions to coincide with our faith.


We also saw a significant shift when we discovered Dave Ramsey's proven-money management system in his book The Total Money Makeover. His program showed us that real lasting change was possible, but it would take a long-term commitment from both of us. It required us to cast a new vision of our desired future and create a plan to get there. His system provided the roadmap.


Over the past decade, we've paid off nearly all of our debt and helped hundreds of families and individuals use the same guiding principles to develop healthy relationships with money.


It's been pretty amazing to see the transformations take place, but our most significant victory has been within our own family. Financial challenges no longer overwhelm us, and these experiences have brought us closer than ever before. Plus, it has allowed us to show our two daughters the importance of making bold changes so that God can use us how he wishes.

We can help you too

Together, we can help you learn how to live life debt free, develop a path to financial freedom, and build wealth to impact future generations. Our mission is to help you break the cycle so that you can live out your true calling in life, whatever that may be.


Through our one-on-one coaching, live workshops, and online course - we're changing the way families, and individuals look at, spend, save, and give money. Every day, we're seeing people across the community trade in their unhealthy money habits for ones that bring financial peace of mind.


Are you ready to experience this peace for yourself?




All resources were created with you and your loved ones in mind. Our blogs, podcasts, and other resources will give you an idea of what financial freedom could look if you take the right steps.