When busyness fills in our schedules, we just do do do, like machines that don't know how to deviate from the programmed setting. Our depleting attention span makes it a challenge to fitly sift new information. If we're not careful, we give ourselves over to more trivialities that percolate curiosity and take up space mentally.

Many will vie for your mind like prime real estate, exposing it to all forms of hyperstimulation. Then you're suddenly conflicted by so many things, perplexed by what you really want out of your life. Have you ever felt like you're spread too thinly or are involved in so many things at a surface level that you're not really able to commit to one thing? You've hit the apex of unfiltered options and overwhelm.

Author Oliver Burkeman articulates this sense of overwhelm arises from a mismatch – between all the things you’d like to do, or feel you ought to do, and the far smaller quantity of things you’re actually capable of doing. The gap is widening fast.

You need to create space in your life and let it bring in a breeze of fresh air. Give yourself permission to look at things from a fresh perspective. Look at four (4) areas you can create space for.
Create Physical Space
When you want to change your life, it is empowering to know that you can start by changing something small first. Tackle a quick-hitter. Open up your fridge and clear out rotten vegetables, expired bottles of dressings, and moldy leftovers. Make room for something fresh and healthy. Make note that practical efforts can be a springboard to something more profound.
Imagination and discovery concept as a rocky cliff with an opening on top shaped as a human head as a new life metaphor and success motivation symbol with a group of birds flying high in the sky.
Create Mental Space
Mental workings have inconspicuous evidence of change. The transformation happen from the inside out like getting rid of old limiting beliefs and rising above personal boundaries. Assess all the things you're involved in, ones that demand time and energy. Do you do things that give you true joy? As you clear out the distractions, you will be more in-tuned to discover your calling and live out your purpose.
Create Financial Space
If you're overburdened by debt, then there is only black or white of need versus want. Be clear in the efforts required to set and stick to your financial goals. Do not compromise on murky middle ground. No buy-now-pay-later scheme. Save up for purchases and if you don't have the funds, then simply don't buy it. Instead, have room for true emergencies without resorting to borrowing money.
Create Avocational Space
When you're not obligated to do work yet you voluntarily do it in pursuit of your passion or to inject meaningful acts of service, you enter into the paradox of time abundance. Cassie Mogilner's research published in Social Psychology and Personality Science depict that spending time helping others leaves people feeling as if they have more time, not less. This curious effect is explained by subconsciously positioning one to think that their self-efficacy makes time expansive and that more can be accomplished in the future.

Only make room for what matters. You can live out your days intentionally and feel like you're not wasting your time. When you create space, you'll feel light and clear-headed, able to recognize if your action is in parallel to a long-term vision and version of the person you're meant to become.

Engage: How can you make a switch from being overloaded to being intentional? What spaces in your life do you need to work on? Share your thoughts in the comments below.





Shiela Bernardo is a budget nerd who is keen to stay on track with her family’s financial goals.  She perpetually seeks to demystify how to keep the house clean. She is a business analyst by profession & a self-taught computer programmer. She blogs about family, faith, and finances in her spare time.

Create Space

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